Intensive sports massage / Swedish massage: 30min: 40€ / 60min: 75€

The term sports massage “Swedish massage” refers to a practice that is known in the wellness industry as a complement to traditional treatments. It is a combination of traditional massage techniques and additional sports massage techniques that address the complaints and requirements of people who are active in sports. Thanks to my versatile training, I am able to adapt the massage technique to every body type. Try it out for yourself!

Pregnancy massage: 60min: 75€

This relaxing feel-good massage stimulates your metabolic function and softens the connective tissue. Pregnancy complaints disappear and you can concentrate fully on your inner self. This form of massage offers you and your baby the opportunity for complete relaxation and well-being – your baby is already enjoying it too!

Relaxation and wellness massage: 30min: 35€ / 60min 75€

Pure relaxation. This flowing and calming massage technique releases blockages and allows energy to flow again. If desired, essential oils also help to reduce stress and harmonize the body and mind. All your senses come to rest.

Hot stone massage: 60min: 85€ / 80min 100€

Well-being through depth effect! Up to 30 hot, smoothly rounded lava stones are placed along the energy centers on the spine, in the hands and between the toes during the full body massage. Other hot stones are massaged at the same time. The heat and pressure stimulate blood circulation, relax the muscles deep down and activate the body’s self-healing powers.

Massage for dancers: 50min: 75€

This massage technique, specially developed by me, is based on intensive sports massage. It is supplemented with practices that are explicitly tailored to the complaints and needs of dancers. The focus here is on the recovery and regeneration of muscles, ligaments, tendons and fasciae. A preliminary consultation to get to know the body and any old/existing injuries or complaints is essential.

Holistic foot reflexology massage: 40min / 55€

We often pay far too little attention to our feet. They carry us all our lives, every day, and do hard work. That’s why you should treat them to a treatment specially tailored to them. This foot reflex massage according to the Hanne Marquardt method not only helps to prevent health problems, but also contributes to your well-being. This massage can be combined separately or with other full-body massages.